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Frequently Asked Questions

ATS Automation Services
  • How does the program work?
    ATS is able to affiliate agencies to one master GDS agreement. In essence, we act as a 'GDS host' to our branches.

  • What are the liabilities in this agreement?
    The cost of your specific configuration is your only liability (your printers, PCs, Internet connection, etc.). We have been able to secure low configuration cost pricing and will compensate you directly for each segment produced. There are no long-term commitments, shortfall or segment liabilities or responsibilities.

  • My agents are trained in another GDS system, how difficult will it be to train them in the Apollo or Worldspan GDS?
    As an ATS Affiliate, you will also have access to Smartpoint, a booking product that can translate your former GDS formats into the Apollo or Worldspan formats automatically.

  • What happens if the airlines pull out of a GDS or offer better incentives through the internet?
    This program is designed for maximum flexibility. If an airline pulls out of the GDS, this doesn?t affect any of your segment requirements, as you have none. If an airline offers a better incentive through the internet or some other source, you are still free to book them in whatever fashion you prefer.

  • How much revenue will I make?
    While there are no segment requirements to maintain, you are compensated based upon the number of valid segments processed through the GDS. The more segments you produce, the more revenue potential you have. If you have more than one GDS system in your office, we can offer you a separate program.

  • Do GDS vendors endorse this program?
    In our view, GDS vendors would prefer that you sign a long-term contract with them and for many agencies that would include a segment responsibility with little to no revenue potential and a shortfall charge. We are contractually permitted by Travelport to operate our program.

  • What happens to my preferred vendor relationships?
    Nothing changes. We have no vested interest in what vendors you do business with, only that the segments you produce go through the ATS affiliated GDS system. You keep 100% of the commissions you earn (we are not involved in your commission tracking or payment). We limit our focus to GDS hosting and back office support.

  • Why is this program better than signing a no commit contract offered by the GDS vendors?
    Our program offers more flexibility than any program a GDS contract can offer. Furthermore, for most agencies, it provides a greater revenue opportunity than the no commit contract offers.

  • How do I know if this program is my best option?
    Allow us to compare what has been proposed to you versus what ATS can offer your organization. We are the first to admit that this program is not designed for everyone, but a comprehensive analysis will help to determine what the right business choice is for your company.

  • My GDS sales rep advises against this. Why?
    They don't get credit for the sale. While the GDS vendors maintains your market share overall, the local representative does not get any credit. Plus, the vendor would prefer to sign you to a long-term agreement, not one as flexible, free of liability and as lucrative as this.

  • How do I get started?
    If you have any questions or are interested in becoming an ATS affiliate, please contact Jan Misley, Chief Operating Officer at (503) 650-0073 or

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